Navratri fasting rules and Navratri experience of foreigner

Navratri 2016
Hi! I am a foreign intern in Bharat Plaza. My name is Maia, I am from Russia. This year I have seen a lot of interesting things in India: Indian weddings, Holi, and soon I will take a part in Navratri and Indian New Year, which will come on the 8th of April. I am looking forward to that! I have already asked my colleagues and have known that Navtratri is the greatest festival, happening 2 times in the year, at spring and at autumn, according to the lunar calendar. Navratri lasts for 9 nights (The Navratri translation is “nine nights”). People are worshiping, are keeping a fast* and are dancing the holy Garba dance in autumn Navratri.
I like to explore Indian culture! I am interested in food, which people can eat in Navratri fast.  My colleagues have told me about it!!! Yummy!!! Savory!!! I start thinking about my menu for true Navrtari. I have planned to keep a fast too and try a new dish, allowing in fast time. Who’s with me?

I’ve collected all rules and created this guide. Take it for yourself.

navratri 2016
Now I know the rules and can create my menu.
I can’t eat much, because it is fast, I can eat only once a day. I should choose the best food. I will eat Singhare Ki Puri and Vrat Ki Kadhi. But I don’t know what else. Do you have any suggestion for me?
I am ready to take a part in the next Indian tradition! Please, give me an  advice if I forget something or tell me about your Navratri, I want to learn more.
Your support is important for me too!

Happy Navratri!

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