Anushka Sharma - Virat Kohli Jokes Go Viral

Anushka Sharma - Virat Kohli Jokes Go ViralAs Virat Kohli has flopped tremendously in the semi final match against Australia, the twitterati have targeted his girlfriend Anushka Sharma. Anushka, who has flown down to Australia to support team India and  her beau has become the reason for ridicule yet again on social media. While we don’t intend to point fingers at anyone, here are some of the hilarious jokes which went viral on Twitter.
Zaid Hamid ‏@SirZaidHamid
Anushka Sharma should be declared National Panauti
#IndvsAus#KohliGoneYou ignored but I ‏@ImSandeshJain
Virat Kohli was just trying to show Anushka Sharma that he can try new positions.
Juno ‏@journojuno
Anushka Sharma apparently flew all the way to Sydney to cheer for her guy. The max distance I'll travel for my guy is Powai to Saki Naka lol.
Mohd Saifullah @SaifTauheed
@AnushkaSharma told u support frm outside.. #sydney jaane ke fayeda kya hua. Bade keh gaye hai nvr mix love wid wrk!
Aashish Khandelwal @ak22999
Anushka Sharma flew all the way from Mumbai to Sydney to watch her boy Virat Kohli bowl 1 over, drop 1 catch, and score 1 run! #JodiNo1
Hamza khalid butt @hamza_HKB
#Sydney golay par #Anushka_sharma k sath LOL ho gaya #AusvsInd
Chirag Bhaiya @chiragbhaiya
What did Anushka Sharma tell Virat Kohli before he went out to bat today? "Virat, I want you here in 5 minutes." :D #CWC15 #AUSvsIND
Chandu @ChanduSbkaBandu
Anushka is searching for her NH10 rod in cupboard #IndvsAus #ChaloWinItBack
Appka Chota Google ‏@Eramitgupta
Now @AnushkaSharma and @imVkohli have much time For shopping and kissing Each other
RT Utaru Kya?? ‏@Jhandgi
Breaking News :: Anushka Sharma changed her relationship status to 'Single'!
#IndvsAusSabeeh Rehman ‏@Scabbeard
Meanwhile Anushka be like, 'Pakistaniyo mera Sarfraz mujhay wapis kero' @AnushkaSharma @imVkohli #MauqaMauqa #CWC15
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